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Screwed up LNP mRNA - an off target cluster bomb delivery system setting up countless Clinical Trials throughout the recipient's body.

With over 100 years combined experience and research of the Immune System; Professor's Ian Brighthope and Edward J (Ted) Steele explain how our TGA have set up Australia for catastrophe.

Gates Foundation Dumps mRNA Shares in Q3 of 2021 at Huge Profit: Link

The incredibly scary part of this interview comes at the 46:20 mark
For the public it is a simple message;

  1. If a Lipid Nano Particle comes into contact with a cell’s membrane it will create a reaction and a change in behavior of that cell.

  2. If that Lipid Nano Particle also carries a Synthetic instruction as opposed to the instructions that, in nature, only come from one’s DNA within that cell, it will create a reaction and change in behavior of that cell.

  3. If that cell’s new synthetic instruction is to produce a known inflammatory and ,now, a known blood clotting agent it can trigger reactions that can include autoimmune reactions in or to that cell.

  4. Though not discussed in this video, adding to the incredible volatility of this LNP Synthetic mRNA is fragmented and incorrect Synthetic instructions to the cells in various vaccine batches; see Video covering this point and how the TGA has no safety documentation on this according to their FOI responses.

    Ahead of that mark 46:20 mark Both these experts conclude the following key points:
    The Lipid Nano Particle Synthetic messenger RNA vaccines:
    a) Are Systemic type Vaccines stimulating Inflammatory immune responses that could never stop a respiratory Virus and could stimulate Cytokine Storms.
    Additionally through this and other mechanisms it can lead to antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) of the virus ;a much worse outcome than if there were no Systemic type Vaccine in the first place.

    ***Update*** A Paper with author Anthony S. Fauci states this explicitly.
    Our experts SHOULD be the ones our TGA and POLITICIANS are listening to
    Note in the Concluding remarks of this paper where the paper is commenting on “Past unsuccessful attempts to elicit solid protection against mucosal respiratory viruses and to control the deadly outbreaks and pandemics” which would include Covid19, Anthony S. Fauci effectively states that the Covid19 vaccine attempts “have been a scientific and public health failure that must be urgently addressed.”

    b) Do not stimulate Mucosal Immunity ( A Non Inflammatory first line of defense in the Immune response for both respiratory and intestinal / gut viruses.)
    c) Do not work at all and simply can not work in principle for Covid19 or the Flu (wrong type; Systemic and not Mucosal)
    d) Are Totally unsafe Vaccines
    e) Asks multiple cell types throughout the body to produce a known Antigen with inflammatory and other consequences in the cells that are penetrated by the Lipod Nano Particles carrying the Synthetic messenger RNA throughout the body; not just in cells at the point of injection.

Professor Ian Brighthope brings up the vital roles played of trace-elements and various other nutraceuticals and essential fatty acids in an individual’s health and that individual’s ability to fight off infections and maintain a healthy immune system.
If we have a healthy mucus membrane we should be able to fight most of these viruses and where a vaccine is required they should be as close to nature as possible.

"The management of the Pandemic has been a complete and utter farce"
"It’s been a catastrophe"
Simple Measures such as Vitamin D Vitamin C and Zinc could of and should play a fundamental part of dealing with Covid19.
Repurposed medicines including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are known effective elements in early and preventative treatments for Covid19 and other respiratory viruses

Professor Ian Brighthope reports how History and Fauci repeats where known effective trace elements , vitamins nutritional and dietary measures along with intravenous vitamin treatments for Aids were completely ignored and denied in favor of useless or harmful patented pharmaceuticals such as AZT.
No Support from the Government to pursue the effective treatments not attractive to big pharmaceutical.

“It was evident from the start we were not dealing with a rampaging or highly virulent virus”. It was a virus that essentially affected/threatened the geriatric community and those with co-morbidities. these were the ones that needed to be looked after with therapies; certainly not with vaccinations.

Professor Brighthope observes we now appear to have “a pandemic of the over vaccinated”.

The World Of Wellness Website has information on what can be done now

The incredibly scary part of this interview at the 46:20 mark
Below is a sharable link to a Pfizer non clinical evaluation report submitted to the TGA in January 2021 ahead of its release onto the Australian Public.
This document was extracted through a FOI request.

John Skerritt heads the Australian TGA
Co-Incidentally John Skerritt has been appointed by the Asian Development BANK to form an advisory group to provide its developing member countries (DMCs) with expert technical and scientific advice on the quality, safety, and effectiveness of vaccines for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic; an “appointment” that would cease to exist if there were not approved Covid-19 Vaccines.

In Ascending order of Magnitude there is a table of the Biodistribution of the LNP mRNA

This is where inflammatory LNP particles were found by Pfizer to be ACCUMULATING after injection into test RATS.

Brain: related Substack click this link
Spinal cord
Prostate (males)
Adipose tissue
Salivary glands
Testes (males)
Kidneys related Substack click this link
Whole blood
Uterus (females)
Blood : plasma ratio
Pancreas : related Substack click this link
Bone (femur)
Pituitary gland
Lymph node (mandibular)
Large intestine
Lymph node (mesenteric)
Small intestine
Bone marrow (femur)
Ovaries (females) related substack click this link
Adrenal glands related substack click this link

Note Pfizer stop measuring or stopped reporting at 48 hours and at that point there was a staggering concentration in the Ovaries that was still on the rise at the 48 hour mark and accumulating in many other areas.
Here is a sharable link to an Excel File that charts the Bio Distribution of LNP mRNA
and here is the File Itself:

202101 Tga Received Pfizer Nonclinical Evaluation Report Dd56444019c1427baa542efde3c3ae58
50.3KB ∙ XLSX file

The Covid19 Lipid Nano Particle encapsulated Synthetic messenger RNA is seen to penetrate and accumulate in areas and systems near and far away from the intramuscularly injected site.
The Synthetic mRNA penetrates past the protective cell membrane into the cell’s Cytoplasm. Prior to this our bodies cells have only ever received natural mRNA from within the nucleus of the cell using the instructions contained in the DNA of the cell that has evolved naturally over the history of our species.
The LNP mRNA vaccines introduce foreign substances and foreign instructions onto the production floor of our cells that have never had to deal with this request/burden before. To add to the incredible dangers the cells are asked to produce a known systemic antigen - the synthetic Spike Protein.
And what is making this vaccine platform terrifying is that for every different cell type that is asked to deal with these new imposts there is “zero insurance” that it will not impact or even destroy its god given (or nature given ) function.
That we could be seeing an ever increasing accumulation of this Synthetic LNP mRNA entering into most of our female children’s and most of our child bearing female’s delicate and intricate Ovaries is setting our population up for truly frightening scenarios.

It would take a millennium to insure the required safety or even obtain safety data before you could confidently release this LNP mRNA technology upon a population without opening up a hundred’s if not thousands of health pandora’s boxes.

In Australia there are now plans to construct two of the world’s largest manufacturing plants for these “off target cluster bomb delivery system that set up countless Clinical Trials throughout a recipient's body”.

Please share this interview particularly with disillusioned colleagues that are seeing themselves, their friends or their loved ones succumbing to far more frequent ailments and deaths since the roll out of The Covid19 Lipid Nano Particle encapsulated Synthetic messenger RNA vaccines.

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March 2023 Update: CDC Documents being released with respect to the VAERS adverse events reporting system and EVERYTHING aligns with the a LNP Synthetic messenger RNA genetic “vaccines” crap shoot going disastrously wrong and the public not being told about it…

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